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Facial Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control Device

  • Advanced Level of Face Recognition with Fast and Accurate Identification
  • 4.3" IPS Facial Recognition Access Control System
  • High Speed Identification

  • 4.3” IPS Facial Recognition Access Control System,USB RS485 Facial Recognition Access Control System, TCP IP Time Attendance Device
  • Display - 4.3 Inch IPS Touch Screen
  • Verify Mode - Face, Fingerprint, Card, Password
  • Face/RFID Card/Password Capacity - Standard 5000, Optional 20000
  • Record Capacity - 1000,000
  • Communication - USB, RS485,TCP/IP, U-Disk, WIFI (Optional)
  • Camera - 200W Pixel Hd Color Camera, 100W Infrared Camera
  • Identification Speed - Less Than 0.2s
  • Detection Rang - 0.5-3 Meters
  • Power Supply - 12V
Type Live Detection Dynamic Face Recognition Attendance Machine Wifi TCP IP
Biometric Measurement Face
Model Number ID06FR
Product name Time clock fingerprint facial recognition time attendance access control device
Display 5 inch  IPS Touch Screen
Face Capacity Standard 5000, optional 20000
Working Style Standalone or Online
Camera 2M Pixel hd color camera, 1M Infrared camera
Identification Mode Face/Password
Language English,etc
Communication Wifi/ Tcp ip/USB
Power Supply 12V DC