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  • Idpoint Face Recognition Devices with developed face algorithm, give fast and accurate identification while achieving the advanced level of face recognition.
  • Idpoint 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Face/Finger / RFID card / password, TCP/IP+USB Time Attendance With Basic Access Control.
  • Double Infrared light double HD cameras can even do accurate identification during night time.
  • T9 input, helps to input user information directly.
  • Reminder of On and Off Duty and Late In and Early Out Notifications.
  • Optical Dark Backlight Sensor
  • Wifi Optional

  • Fast and Accurate Identification through advanced level of Face Recognition
  • Double Infrared Light Double HD Cameras, it helps identify faces during the night time as well
  • ARM( Quad-core Cortex-A7) processor
  • T9 input feature available, it enables the user to input information directly.
Face Capacity 3000
Fingerprint Capacity 100,000
Card Capacity 5000
Record Capacity 1,00,000
Display 4.3 Inch Touch Screen
Identification Style Face/Fingerprint / Password/Card/Palm(Optional)
Working voltage/current 12V
Identification Speed < 1s
Identification Mode 1:1, 1:N
Communication TCP/IP, USB/U-Disk/Cloud/WIFI(Optional).
USB Functions USB Flash Drive Download/Upload, Firmware Upgrade
Self Testing Support
Power Management Sleep Mode
Time Synchronization Support
Real time Photo Support
Infrared Proximity Detection Support
Door Lock Signal Output 1 group relay signal output
Wiegand 1 set WG In and Out
Door Sensor Support
T9 Input Support