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IDP-Sa-AAG-6M Dual-Direction and Variable Frequency Barrier Gate uses the updated electronic control technology and machinery processing technology, to realize adjustable speed, non-adjust limit, automatic speed reduction, buffering limit and exit.

  • Open the barrier gate by motor wheel manually when power is off and it automatically resets when power is on.
  • Digital limit switch, precise control, free adjustment.
  • Six levels of speed for opening or closing, boom length optional according to different spring in one motor.
  • Auto-reverse when the boom meets obstacle and auto-stop mode is optional.
  • Infrared photocell interface is available (need to install photocell device).
  • Loop detector interface is available, to avoid hitting the vehicle and control the boom to close automatically after car passing.
  • Integrated RS485 communication interface, to control the boom up, down and stop by computer.
  • Interface for LED Light.
  • Integrated with auto-closing function, coordinated with counting function.
  • Balanced boom running with a motor transmission of cranks and shafts.
  • Well-integrated with car parking system equipments, with wire control (must be dry contact signal).
  • Interface for traffic light, dry contact output (traffic light must be less than 10A).
  • The life circle of these models is 2,500,000 times.
  • While closing time the barrier is slow down before going the horizontal position.

IDP SA AAG 6M specification

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