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1 Door IP Access Controller

Idpoint MCB001 is a 1 Door Access Control Board that can control 2 door users & can connect 2pcs with memory up to 20,000 Users/ up to 100,000 event buffers. Access Control for single door and double door are also available.

  • User capacity: Support 20,000
  • Record the number of offline storage: 100,000 records
  • Network communication via RS232/RS485 Ethernet(TCP/IP)
  • Software Supportable Database: Access and SQL

  • Idpoint Controller fits any type of installations up to 20,000 users from single buildings to multiple sites spread over remote locations and linked via RS 485, RS232 or TCP/IP.
  • The user-friendly software programs the system within a few minutes.
  • Software provides numerous access control and alarm monitoring features: expiry date, interlock between two doors, time zones, supervision, anti-pass back, activity reports.
  • Each alarm input is programmable: operating mode (NO or NC), time zones, local reflex (activation of outputs according to input status).
  • Specific alarms are triggered according to the number of unsuccessful attempts, the time limit for door closing (door alarm) and duress code.
  • Whenever required, the data stored in the controllers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed.
  • Each controller works independently.


Single Door Control Panel


Control 1 door, either 2x readers or 1x reader and 1x button

Size of PCB board

160mm x 106mm

Power Supply

12VDC 4-7A

Input Format of Reader

Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol)


RS232 / RS485

Readers support


Doors Controlled


Max Qty of Controllers


Operation Temperature

-0 C ~ 70 C


10-90 % RH, No Condensation

Users Capacity


Buffer Capacity

100,000 event buffers

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