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Walk through metal detector is used to check metal objects hidden in the body, such as guns, controlled knives, etc. It is available for all security entrances.

  • LCD screen with infrared remote controller
  • Anti-interference function
  • 24 detection zones with 255 degree sensitivity level
  • International leading digital pulse counting with stable performance


  • LCD Backlight: 0~99S display time continuously adjustable
  • Recognition Function: Identify the size of the measured object
  • Detection Zone: Set single or multi-zone continuous accurate alarm by needs
  • Self-diagnosis Function: Built-in self-diagnosis program, power-on self-test, prompt error
  • Counting Function: Count passenger flow intelligently and alarm technology functions.
  • Passing Speed: Can be adjusted from the fastest 100 people / min, custom adjustment detection speed
  • Networking Function: Can be connected to a computer, can manage multiple devices at the same time, realize remote parameter setting/query function
  • Safety Standards: In line with the current international safety standards, using weak magnetic field emission technology, harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, video recordings, etc.
Power Supply AC150V~242V/50±5%HZ
Power Consumption ≤13.8W
Alarm Sound Intensity ≥98db
Detection Zone 24 zones
Inner Size 2000mm*710mm*500mm(H*W*D)
Outer Size 2230mm*830mm*580mm(H*W*D)
Package Size(2 cartons) 820*480*300mm, 2340*680*260mm
Net Weight 65kgs
Gross Weight 75kgs
Working Environment Temperature -20°C - +55 °C
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing

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