Car Parking Management

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  • Control Car Parks with License Plate Recognition System
  • Easy & Quicker Parking for your Customers
  • Automated Access Control at Low Costs
  • Reporting for Airports, Corporates and Universities Parking Areas

Manage and control an entire Car Park System including all related equipments comprising of entrance and exit equipment with idPoint-CP Car Park Management Systems. A state of the Art system that manages parking traffic in many ways according to your budget and strategic plans.

A powerful tool for controlling car parks with license plate recognition system to provide automated access control and reporting for airports, corporate and universities parking areas. Customer usage of parking facilities are quickly provided with specific vehicle reports detailing all entry and exits to the car park.


  • Identify fraudulent parking ticket activity such as ticket pass-backs
  • Raise alerts on vehicles of interest
  • Report on abandoned vehicles
  • Report on vehicle passage times, duration and specific customer trends
  • Print specific vehicle reports to resolve customer disputes such as time in car park
  • 24 hour all weather operation
  • Capture surveillance images with each number plate
  • Manage client’s accounts and credit payment settlements.
  • Registered users can access card free
  • Quickly track and find your lost vehicle (Optional Feature)
  • Access and Exit Control
  • Fully-integrated access control functionality
  • Supports multiple identification technologies
  • Flexible authorization structures to allow tailored access as:

Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR)

Long Range UHF Readers

Supports windshield tags Identification System

EM 125KHz Proximity Reader with credit card size cards:

Medium Range, Low cost identification systems

Key Features:

Key Features:

Key Features:

Automatic number plate reading

EPC Gen 2 compatible

Standard EM 125 KHz frequency

All in one system, camera, analyzer, IR illuminator

Operates with UHF tags on windshield, side mirror and head lights

Low cost cards

IP ANPR camera support

Consistent reading up to 8 meters

20 cm to 1 meter detection

All GCC countries support

Adjustable reading range

Credit card size cards

Black List Management

LED and audible reading indication

LED and audible reading indication

Up to 6 meters Detection Range

Waterproof housing

Waterproof housing


Passive (battery free) tags

Passive (battery free) tags



Easily replaceable when lost

Barrier Control

Supported all type of barriers such as Crash Barrier, Boom Barriers, Drop Gates, Speed Gates, Sliding Gates, Pyramid, Rolling Doors, Bollards, etc.

Traffic Light Control

Support all traffic lights as per standard protocols.

Detailed Log

An extensive event log registers all vehicle passages and provides information regarding the status of the gate. Combined with camera images, this gives a clear indication of the situation around the gate at any given moment.

Automatic Visitor Management

Automatic visitor management is available based on ANPR technology providing visitors a warm welcome without obstruction.


Variable Parking Rate – Optional Software Module

Auto Exit - Optional Software Module

Multi-Zone Parking - Optional Software Module

In this Process the parking operator provides free parking to residents or VIP guests, reduced rate parking to staff or contractors, or inflated parking costs to known vehicles that should not be using the car park.

Stress free exit for the customer it significantly reduces the operators labour costs, removes the stress of lost tickets, impatient drivers and intercoms. It  also exempts the Advance Paid Cars opening the gates for them Automatically.

For maximum versatility in multilevel and multi-zone parks it allows operators to organize vehicles more effectively.

This feature allows an operator to create custom zones within a car park. A car can be charged by level, by time or both, without the need for additional boom gates or tickets.

Key Operator Benefits:-

Benefits of the Module:-

Benefits of the Module:-

Automatically charge staff vehicles a reduced rate

Reduce traffic congestion on exits

Create car park zones without additional parking booms or tickets

Provide free parking to contractors or VIPs

Reduce wear on parking equipment

Charge by level and/or time. Eg. Reduced rate for early birds parking above level 6

Schedule reduce rate parking periods

Eliminate delays at exit where customer has lost ticket

No need for staff to manually validate early birds

Requires cameras on entry lanes only

Eliminate ticket jams at exit

Free up lower levels and create “premium bays” on lower levels.


Automatic operation of exit gate for customers leaving within grace period

The higher you park, the less you pay


Automatic operation of exit gate for paid customers

Automatic charging, no need to find staff for early bird validation


Automatic operation of entry and exit gate for registered customers such as permanents and staff

Reduce labor.