IDPOINT – Time Attendance Software is a comprehensive time management solution with access control feature designed to automate employee time and attendance tracking for medium to Large Businesses. It reduces the number of hours it takes to process employee time records and is ideal for a wide range of industries, including trading, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, medical, government, education… etc. Depending on the business size and customer requirement the software is available in Standard Light Version or Professional version.

Why Automate Attendance Management?  

  • To minimize costs associated with payroll preparation.
  • To improve performance and productivity.
  • To reduce unauthorized overtime, unearned benefit time, etc...
  • To increase accuracy and efficiency in computing payroll.
  • To process comprehensive data on work distribution.
  • To gain timely information to make the right decision in the right time.
  • To keep time attendance data records for each employee for long periods.
  • To create a dynamic and rewarding work environment.
  • To collect, calculates edits and reports employee hours.
  • To apply company WORK RULES and POLICIES.
  • To generate REAL-TIME REPORTS for management decision making.