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This Version uses Microsoft SQL Database. It store employees attendance data and supports with a lot of basic functionalities. Reports are generated using a GUI Screen and can be filtered by employee code, date and shift. Reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for manual editing, saved as pdf format that can be emailed if required or printed directly to the default or network printers.

No. of Employees Supported : 50

Main Features
Timely and accurate attendance management  ✔
Online employee attendance status monitoring (Optional)  ✔
Overtime/Late Entry calculation based on shifts and company policy  ✔
User-defined business policies at company and employee levels  ✔
Download/Upload enroll data to other attendance devices  ✔
Automatic or scheduled download of attendance data  ✔
Auto process or manual data process of the attendance data  ✔
Multi-department, multi-branches and multi-projects setup  OPTION
Manual attendance adjustment  ✔
Apply various filters to narrow down report to single station, single department, employee…etc  ✔
Employees transfers within departments and branches  ✔
Multiple and flexible shift schedules  ✔
Employee screen for attendance adjustment request  ✔
Workflow for attendance adjustment approvals by managers  ✔
Create and customize employee data lists  ✔
Attach photos to employee files  ✔
Restrict supervisor access by department, location, or employee  ✔
Restrict attendance adjustment to authorized staff only  ✔
Access Control Module to control door access rights and privileges  SOON
Defining door access devices versus time attendance devices and creating reports accordingly  ✔
Holiday announcements over email according to a preset company policy  OPTION
Automatic SMS podcast for holidays start and end   OPTION
Detailed and summery bilingual reports with just single click  ✔
Powerful customizable report writer  ✔
A large list of reports to choose from  ✔
Secured reports. Certain staff can only access certain authorized reports  ✔
Managers can only view attendance of related staff  ✔
Alert reports for late-in, early-in, early-out and late-out employee  ✔
Employee can view Time Card  ✔
Detailed holiday history reports  ✔
System Features 
Hijri Calendar support  ✖
Graphical User Friendly Interface, Gregorian Calendar support  ✔
Supports all versions of Microsoft Windows & Bilingual (English & Arabic)  ✔
Fast Lookup (Quick Search)  ✔
Dongle  ✔
Multi users creation and rules selection  ✔
Multiple devices connectivity in single site  ✔
Dashboard for online monitoring of devices connectivity (Optional)  ✔
Data import and export  ✔
Data purge  ✔
Automatic data backup and recovery  ✔
Multi layers and multi network support  ✔
Wide range of attendance devices support  ✔
DYDNS, VPN and static IP multi-site connectivity support  ✔
On request Integration with HR and Payroll Software  ✔
MS SQL Database  ✔
Device Supported IdPoint Only  All Devices
The application server is multi-thread and can manage the multi-core technologies  ✔
Users interface over the web  ✔
Compatible with the virtualization server technologies  ✔
Application can be deployed in MS Remote Desktop or Citrix environments  ✔
Includes Microsoft SQL Express Database  ✔
Push attendance data capture support  ✔
Pull attendance data capture support  ✔
Seamless link with Active Directory  (Soon)  ✔
Seamless link with Exchange servers or other email servers  OPTION
Seamless link with SMS server over internet or GSM modem (Soon)  OPTION
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